Yuichiro Nakano Profile


July 15, 1939

Born in Nagoya city


At the Age of 16

Meeting Christ through suffering from tuberculosis, cleansing, dedication


Since 18 Years Old

Worked for the National Railways for 3 years


At the Age of 20

Admission to Tokyo Bible Academy


After Graduation

10 years in the Sakado Christian church



Met with Mrs. Meiko and Got Married


Holiness of North America, California San Lorenzo, Hawaii State Honolulu Church


January 1996

Vocation was initiated in Jerusalem and tour of evangelism started (Matthew 10:7-8)



President, Mountain Olive Ministries

International Department President, JTJ Missionary Seminary
Tour Evangelist, North America Holiness Faith

Cooperative Evangelist, JEMS, USA
Japanese Representative, National Public Speaking Team

Father of Three Daughters, Husband of Wife who lives in Hawaii, Grandfather of Seven



“Is it possible to say I love you?” “One by one lights” “Weakness more pleasing” “Must be profitable business” 
“Mind conveyed way of speaking” “Bible power” and many others



Hawaii Radio, KZOO: “Towards tomorrow,” Every Morning (Monday-Friday) 
Hawaii TV, KIKU: “I can see or love” the motto “Freedom in minor matches, agreement in matters, love in all things” 


  • Painter: Goch
  • Musician: Tchaikovsky
  • Movie: ‘Tora-san of Futen’
  • Novelist: Yamamoto Shouugoro
  • Food: Tea, Soba, Pizza

Blood Type: O


Educational background

Tokyo Bible Academy Graduate 
NHK Gakuin College of Communication High School 
Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of Letters Department of Graduate

Diploma Graduate from American Baptist West Theological Seminary 
Thousand California Theological Graduate Honor Theology


Service content

Lecture (Approach for non-Christians: Example): Tora-san and Human Relationships) 
Businessmen’s Seminar, Couples Seminar, Evangelistic Meetings, Sacred Society, Retreats, Etc.

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  • Mount Olive Ministries
    • Evangelist – Yuichiro Nakano
    • Evangelist – Akiko Nakano

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