Training Center

Motto: To become a working man.

Apprentice Training, Working Person Training

19        Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

20        and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Current Activity:

I.               JTJ (Jesus to Japan, a Bible School)

·        Missionary Seminary International branch

1.      Honolulu Branch

§  Learning of the New Testament and the Old Testament

§  Address:

C/O Mrs. Toyoko Kimura
1415 Victoria St. #401

Honolulu, HI 96822; USA

§  Phone Number(s):

      • 1-808-988-4585 (Nakano)
      • 1-808-599-4597 (Sister Kiemura)

2.      Fresno Branch

§  Learning about Counseling

§  Kaoru Fujii, Pastor/Director

§  Address:

562 E. Cole Ave.

Fresno, CA 93720; USA

§  Phone Number(s): 1-209-449-1077

3.      Brazil Branch

§  Nobuo Ohmae, Pastor/Representative

§  Address:

C/O Igrejade Guarulhos 
AV Esperanca 803

Vila Progresso, Guarulhos SP0795000; BRAZIL

§  Phone Number(s): 55-011-6441-0656

4.      Hong Kong S.A.R

5.      Canada

6.      Other

·       What is JTJ missionary school?

o   Mission and Purpose:

Our mission is to train people to fulfill the tasks of missions around the world that Christ has entrusted to the church. In order to achieve this purpose, our school will provide students with specialized opportunities to learn how to learn from the Bible, to study theology, and to receive practical training.

o   Believers are the Driving Force of the Ministry.

      • We have a “communication learning system” with video tapes and auxiliary materials at the seminary in the congregation.
      • Also, students can take part in the Lifelong Learning Department for women to learn about communication. Regardless of their educational background, age or gender, we are pursuing a truly open theology study so that anyone can learn anytime, anywhere.
      • At the JTJ Mission School International Department branch, you can also learn at about five or more branches, one to four people in each private study group, and take the congregations course. In addition, we have set up a staff training course separately, so you can take all subjects.
      • In addition, the international department has set a cheap rate.

o   Want to know more about the International Department ? (Click Here)

o   JTJ Mission School is Denominational Theological Seminary. Theological is a Protestant Biblical and Evangelical standpoint.

II.             Counseling Seminars

·        Discover yourself and nurture yourself

·        Help improve human relationships

·        Be able to help others

·        We continue to learn based on total counseling. 
Any Questions? Forward to Yu-san by phone at (808-373-8008) or E-mail at ([email protected])


III.          Public Speaking

·        Learn how to speak and talk to depressed people’s mind (it’s more than speaking “good” things)

·        Learn how to improve human relationships

·        Business development 

o   From a student who studies business:
“I did my homework during the seminar. As a result, a wonderful thing happened.
The homework was “talking to strangers and saying good things”. 
She hates to speak to strangers, so she takes the plunge. 
Hello, my uncle, aloha shirt suits you. 
Developed, and that uncle visited her shop on that day for two thousand dollars 
He said he did the shopping.”

·        Useful for home and parenting

o   From a mother who didn’t have a good relationship:
I went home and tried my homework, to say thank you to my daughter. 
Nearly ten years have passed and since the two have had a conversation.”

IV.          Congregation Seminar

·        Retreat

·        Various Training