Total Care

Matthew 22:39

“‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

  1. Caring Center (Refuge Center):
    • A small-scale implementation
    • A place where hurt/tired people can rest
    • Helping troubled adolescents (e.g. those who have truancy issues with school)
    • A resting place for the pastor’s wife
  2. Counseling Center/Office (TBA)
    • Need professional counselors and amateur volunteers
    • Trouble Counseling (marital problems, parenting, truancy issues, etc.)
    • Counseling for Couples
    • Help with family problems
    • Other
  3. Elderly Center (TBA)
    • Need staff and volunteers
    • Provide a place for relaxation and service for the elderly

Future Prayers (Plans)

  1. Primary Plan
    • Rent or purchase a five-bedroom house
    • Allow a few students to stay
    • Also, to be used for JTJ branch, etc.
    • Also used for offices, small gatherings, and counseling seminars
    • The guest room is used for people who need a tired day off.
    • Start a small Elderly center (“Senior Club”)
  2. Secondary Plan
    • Open Care Home
    • Look for renovated homes, new constructions, or newer locations if necessary
    • Issue a construction charter
  3. Tertiary Plan
    • Olive Center (Large Meeting Place, Accommodations, Chapel, Elderly Center, Life Counseling Office, Sports Facility, etc.)