The Job of the Olive Tree

  • They Provide Shade and a Resting Spot
    • It can be used for any tool the mind can think of, including being used as the building material for temples.
  • Olive Trees Will Not Disappear
    • No matter how it’s cut or killed, a new life will sprout.
    • Gethsemane’s olive tree is said to be the tree of Jesus Christ Era
  • It Endures, Even in Wastelands
  • Olive Leaves are Symbols of Hope and Peace (as well as Kingship, Prosperity, and Love)

Psalm 128:3 Your children will be like olive shoots around your table.

The Olive Fruit

  • Its Edibility

Provide people with physical resources, they become people who are not Christians of only word.

  • Oil is Medicine

People’s mind and body healing (for healthy Christians and church formation)

  • From Oil, Comes Light

Like lighthouses, work as the light of the world: show people the love of Christ, to become evangelists.

  • Oil as a Cosmetic
  • Oil is Poured

To discover the gifts given and to work with the Holy Spirit so that each one is richly used.