Church Duties

Ohana Center


Love the Lord, Your God, with all your heart, with all your thoughts, and with all your mind. (Matthew 22:37)

    1. Worship
      • To Worship God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit   
      • Meet at Least Once a Week
      • Be Staff-Centered
    2. Prayer Meeting
      • Pray for the Salvation of Japanese People who live in Hawaii
      • Pray for the Japanese Christian Church in Hawaii     
      • Pray for the Revival of Japan
      • Keep Staff and Volunteers Central
      • First Monday of Every Month is Intercessory Prayer Day
    3. Small Group Meetings (2 to 20 people)
      • Bring a Friend to Christ (Lead Non-Christians to Salvation)
        1. Sugii Junko Sister’s House Meeting
        2. Nakano House Meeting
  • It is a Christian Fellowship and Place of Prayer
      • Bring Friends who are Easy to Gather in Age, Sex, and Region such as student councils, couples, housewives, business groups, etc.
    1. Missionary Work
      • In All Other Ways (Personal Evangelism)
    2. Ceremonial Missionary Evangelism
      • Wedding Ceremony
      • Funeral
      • Blessing Ceremony