Working with MOM

Purpose of Mount Olive Ministries


(Matthew 10:7-8)


  • Gospel Mission of the Lord Jesus Christ (to tell the salvation of Christ and to be his family)
  • To mature people into something resembling Christ (To live the Gospel and Practice the Word)
  • The service of the church is to act as the body of Christ. We prepare and send missions to do the work of preaching to the world.
  • Give glory to the Lord through unity of the Holy Spirit, Love and Life


Meaning of Olive Trees and Fruit and Olive Mountain


How the Mount Olive Ministries work

·        Traveling Missions (within the United States, Japan and overseas)

·        Dispatch Missionaries and Evangelist Teams

·        Mass Media Evangelism (TV & Radio)

·        Planning General Lectures, Seminars, Concert, etc.


·        Apprentice Training

·        JTJ (Bible Study)

·        Counseling Seminars

·        Public Speaking

·        Epistle Seminar

·        Retreat


·        Offering a place to rest, heal and reinvigorate those who are tired and injured (especially the pastor, the pastor’s wife, and those who work)

·        Counseling Center/Office

·        Provide a place of rest, relaxation and service for the elderly (Elderly Center)

·        Activities that will help Japanese youth with their issues (accept children with school truancy issues)

·        Refuge Center – An escape for everyone


·        Church Work (staff worship, etc.)

·        Prayer Gatherings

·        Care Group (Small Groups, Mini Church)

·        Mission Meeting (for non-Christian residents in Hawaii)

·        Ceremonial Occasions (wedding ceremonies, funerals, etc.)

Note: The Mission Activity Center, Training Center and Total Care Center are super-denominations. The Ohana Center is a church work so other churches cannot participate.


Board of Directors


Officers & Directors 2014


·       President Nakano, Rev. Yuichiro

·       Vice President Obara, Goro

·       Treasurer Matsunaga, Eiko

·       Secretary Nakano, Meiko


·       Director Fujikawa, Takehiro

·       Director Hida, Hitoshi

·       Director Nakano, Sayaka

·       Director Onda, Midori

·       Director Tokumoto, Minako