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Walking In the Rain

Hallelujah Even When It Rains

Posted on Wednesday, May 21st 2014 by Techiniku in Rev. Nakano Life

A  past-middle-aged couple walk together in the rain. The yellow marking on the road is like a straight path leading toward Heaven, and then the sign posted on the right indicates, "No U-Turns Allowed". It's a photo with deep meanings. Photo credit to Ms. Hannah Muto. Thank you! -Yuichiro & Meiko Nakano.

Lincoln Memorial

Photos From Nakano Sensei's Old Phone

Posted on Saturday, October 6th 2012 by Techiniku in Rev. Nakano Life

We were looking at photos on Nakano Sensei's US phone and picked out a few interesting ones you might like. These low resolution pictures are from an old Razr camera phone.

Rev. Nakano & his grandchilden blow out candles.

Rev. Nakano's Birthday with Family

Posted on Thursday, August 19th 2010 by Machiko in Rev. Nakano Life

Rev. Nakano had his 71st Birthday in July. He celebrated with his family in Hawaii with a home cooked dinner, cake and presents. He is away for over half of the year so whenever he is home, his grandchildren compete to sit closest to him. They all love "Jiji" very much. Among the presents Rev. Nakano received was a little red Tacoma truck. One day, he's like to get the real thing.