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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Urgent Prayer Request

Posted on Monday, April 18th 2011 by Machiko in Japan Distaster

I just spoke with my mother over the phone yesterday. My parents will be leaving for one of the most devasted areas in northern Japan on April 20th (that would be on Tuesday if you live in the States). They will meet up with other volunteers there and take any of the cash doantions we have received so far to give directly to those in need. They also asked that you would pray for my father as he will be preaching the Gospel to them. Pray that God will give him the right words that will bring comfort to their already hurting hearts.

News from Japan (part 3)

Posted on Monday, April 18th 2011 by Machiko in Japan Distaster

Dear Friends,
My father wanted me to convey his thanks...Thank YOU! He actually read my emails (that's a BIG surprise because he's not that good in English) and then called me. When he heard of your responses and he was SOOOO encouraged by you and for all your prayers!
He had some news he wanted to share with you...
1. Please continue to pray as a group from JTJ seminary (Jesus To Japan: founded by my father and his friend Rev Kishi in Japan) plans to enter the Tohoku area in the next days.
[Just a brief review of Japan geography for those that are not familiar with Japan geography (I'm really bad at it myself) Tohoku is the north east section of the main Japan Islands. I think we're more familiar with the Kanto (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka) areas. As you probably know but I had to look it up that Senndai is but one of the prefectures that comprise the Tohoku area.]
2. There is a church that meets at the Ochanomizu Christian Center. They have three services every Monday and these services have been devoted to praying for the people there in the entire Tohoku area and for those who are endeavoring to go into the area to help.
3. There's also a small group that stand at the nearby train station with a big sign that says: "God bless Japan" in hopes that people will stop and talk, be encouraged, realize that God cares...that we, Christians, do CARE.
4. My father plans to take 1000 of this newly published book "The Power of the Bible" to pass out to those in the Tohoku Area. The organization BFP and MOM are both putting in 500,000 yen (that's roughly $5000 each to fund this effort.
My father wanted you to know that what ever it is and no matter how small, people in Japan are also doing whatever they can for the people of Japan, especially for those in the Tohoku area...and taking every opportunity to spread God's word and His GREAT love...
My parents return on Monday April 25 to Hawaii. Please continue to pray that God will keep all those in Japan in His hands; That each of their and our endeavors to help, no matter how big or small will impact each person in the Tohoku area; that God would take it and bless it and multiply it for this Glory!
Thank you for your prayers! Thank you especially to those of you who have sent in finanical support. 100% of the money you sent in will be given directly to the people and churches in the Tohoku area.
I'm only mentioning it because people have asked but if you'd like to send in your support for the Japan disaster relief fund, please send it to:
Mount Olive Ministries
5622 Haleola Street
Honolulu, HI 96821-2006
Please remember to designated it as Japan disaster or relief fund.
Thank you. Really.Really want to Thank you.
Sayaka Nakano
Mount Olive Ministries
If you'd like to donate to the continuing ministry of Rev Yuichiro & Meiko Nakano at Mount Olive Ministries, please let us know. We'd love to partner with you in this ministry...
If you are not on the MOM mailing list and would like to be, please also let me know.

Update from Sayaka

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th 2011 by Machiko in Japan Distaster

Dear Friends!
First, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your response to my first email was just overwhelming! If I find the time, I want to respond to each of you personally for your encouragement, prayers, kind guys really know how to make a girl tear up!
For now, please forgive me for sending out another general email.
My parents are still in Japan. They plan to return to Hawaii later in April.
I just talked to them on Monday April 5.
As it is expected things in Japan are slowly getting better. Most importantly the devastated areas now have some electricity. After over 20 or so days without any electricity, many in the area are expressing gratitude for the simple pleasure of taking a hot bath for the first time in weeks. Imagine that!
It is still bitterly cold in Japan.
The recovery and rebuilding of these devastated areas could take over a year.  The Japanese are preparing for the long haul. I don't want to sound like I'm criticizing other organization's efforts so please forgive me if I sound that way.... as I had mentioned in my last email, the greatest difficulty is getting the much needed supplies to some of the more remote areas. There are warehouses now full of "donated" items that will probably never get to the people who need it most. Because of the lack of storage space, some organizations in Japan working in these local areas have started to turn away these donations just because they see no way of getting these donated items distributed.
Though so much has been donated towards the Japan disaster relief fund from all over the world, there is growing doubt that the families, individuals and small mom & pop operations, even church in these areas, people who will need it most will receive much aid.
However, the area is starting to see some have been readily pouring in so that many of the stores are now open. But many people have literally lost EVERYTHING. So though the stores are open, they have no money to buy the food. Though electricity have been restored, they have no electrical devices to operate. No refrigerator, stoves, microwaves, heaters, etc.
As the city and the nation of Japan starts their reconstruction efforts, my parents feel that it'll be the people, the ones who've lost everything, or have little or no money who will in the end suffer the most.
It is still very dangerous to travel in the disaster areas but more and more Japanese are offering themselves and their vehicles to help. People groups have come in with sincere desire to help. But right now, so many things are against them: cold weather, for foreigners-language barriers, needed supplies not being available, travelling being difficult, places for people to stay, not is simply too difficult to get a group into the disaster areas to do much good. Many Japanese, and even people here in Hawaii want to go and help but are being discouraged to go for their own safety.  Still yet, many like my parents in my last email go into the Sendai area in twos and threes to do what little they can for a short while and return. My parents say that in the months to come the opportunity to help will grow as the initial horrors of this disaster start to taper off for world wide aid and the Japanese people will be left on their own to start rebuilding their lives.
Please PRAY...
My uncle and aunt just left on Monday to help deliver money donated by their church (Kogane church) to churches and family in the disaster area. They are driving from Tokyo to the Sendai area and will not return until Wednesday. Please pray for their safety and that the donations will reach those who need it most.
My father and mother are planning to have an evangelistic meeting for the people in the Sendai, in one of the worst areas. Please pray that God will work through them to bring hope and encouragement AND that the hearts of people will be open to the Lord!!!
Reiko Uehara - A gospel singer & song writer had already gone in once to do a concert. She will probably join them.
The date of this event is uncertain. It is difficult to try and get a large group of people into some of these areas. Please pray for safety as they travel and safety while there. Please also pray that the planning for this meeting will go smoothly. Their hope is to be there sometime between April 20-24.
April 9, my mother's ministry "Sambi Hula" (BTW sambi for those of you who don't know Japanese, means song or praise) and a group of over 100 dancers were planning to have a big production...a festival. When the disaster happened, many doubted that this event would continue. But due to the dedication and support from all involved, they have now decided to change it to a disaster relief benefit show. Please pray that people will attend and give generously at this event in Japan.
Lastly, so much help is needed. In the days to come, these areas will need able bodied people to help: rebuild, clean up, help distribute, talk to, and encourage,...people who will help to do whatever is needed. It is my parents' vision to be able to form a group of people from Hawaii who are willing to go for just this purpose. Please pray that God will confirm this vision and create ways and opportunities to bring this vision to fruition. To get a group in to help has been difficult and not recommended at this time.
Some people have asked so I'm just mentioning it but if you'd like to donate through Mount Olive Ministries (MOM), we are a 501c3 non profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible. If you'd like to give, please make your checks to MOM and designate to the "Japan relief fund." 100% of your donations will go directly to help the churches and communities of these devastated areas to help and rebuild.
Thank you again for all your support! Your prayers mean so much. I am constantly reminded of that verse in James 5:17...the prayer of a righteous man (woman or child) is powerful and effective.  May I encourage you to read that section in James if you're not familiar with it. May it encourage you to pray...that the best thing and the most powerful and the most effective thing you can offer to God right now for the people in Japan is YOUR PRAYERS.
With so much gratitude, on behalf of Mount Olive Ministries and my parents: Yuichiro and Meiko Nakano,
Sayaka Nakano
Mount Olive Ministries
5622 Haleola Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96821-2006